Sunday, March 13, 2016

Leap Day!!

Hola familia,

Well everything is going great.

The rain has hit haha.  It was incredible how much it rained.  So background info on Peru.  The streets, draining system, and any sort of water draining system needs some work haha.  So the rain comes and it is like flash flooding haha.  The streets turn into rivers and then the low parts turn into ponds haha.  It is just incredible.  I have never seen such a thing.  Well then all the roofs of the people are like a big pond haha.  It is just intense.  Then they have to go up and sweep the roofs off and if not the water goes through the CEMENT roof into the house.  Like what happened with our room.  It was quite the adventure.  Well then so it is raining and you would think that people would have some mercy to let us in, but NO.  We knocked on the doors and we asked if we could come in and they say, "it is raining and so not today."  Well duh, it is raining and it is freezing.  So we had some interesting experiences with the rain this week.

Well now we have one of our investigators with a baptismal date for March.  I have never seen a person so willing to leave everything behind and change his life.  I am so glad that everything is going so good and it will be cool to see his progress.

What does God see in all of his children?  What are we doing personally to accomplish his vision?

This week is has been interesting to see how some people just don’t want to change and think that they are fine without religion in life.  Why in the world did God send His son, Jesus Christ to the earth to start a church?  Is a church not important?  In his ministry he came, and established the true church, which is on the earth again today, and did it under the direction of the Father.  Sometimes common sense doesn’t make sense :)

So a lot of the less active members are doing good.  It is just hard to get them to understand that we need to go to church and that we need to become clean through the sacrament every week.  There is no other way to salvation.  He is the only way to exaltation.  It is interesting to see that a lot of people understand but they just don’t do.  And a lot of times there is just not a pre-made decision before Sunday comes around to go to church.  The power of a human being is amazing and nothing is like it.  I am just so grateful that God gave us the ability to choose and to act for ourselves.

Funny story:
Yesterday we were walking around and visiting people in the morning before church and out of nowhere a guy in a taxi drives up to us and starts talking with us.  And then invites us to get in his car to go to his house.  So what did we do?  We got in and went to his house.  But about half way to his house we realized that he was drunk.  Oops.  But everything was all right.  He drove really safe.  So then get to his house and start talking with him and told him that he cannot drink again.  So then he goes and makes a huge pitcher full of some juice that was so watered down but it was just hilarious haha. Mom don’t worry we were a lot bigger then him :)

Well family I love you all so much I hope that you all have a great week,

Elder Cooley