Thursday, July 10, 2014

First Letter Home!!

Elder Cooley
 Hola Familia,

Wow how crazy is it that it has already been a week in the MTC (CCM). I don´t even know where to begin.

Well I miss everyone so much, you guys have really been so supportive and have helped me out so much in my life. It has really opened my eyes in the week that I have been here. I just want to thank you all. The trip here was absolutely crazy! We got in at about 3 in the morning and from then on it has been none stop. The city of Lima is cool from what I can see from the compound, the name we call the CCM. It is very green and always overcast (with pollution). But I absolutely love it.

Bars Everywhere

Jurassic Park

The CCM is like a prison, but a very righteous prison. It reminds me of the compound from Jurassic Park. The people are absolutely wonderful and everyone is so nice. From day one we have been trying to speak Spanish and might I add it is such a struggle. I haven’t been sleeping too great but it is just because it is new, bed and everything. The food here is ok, I just eat a ton of it. Without a doubt there are rice and potatoes for breakfast lunch and dinner. It is good food and probably better than what I will be getting out in the field. I eat a lot and always say I will get less but that never happens. 

Physical activity is so very nice. I usually play football and rugby with everyone. The days are long studying constantly and learning the language. One complaint is that they don’t give me enough time to read El Libro De Mormon. It is a funny complaint but it would be nice to get some quality reading time in. Other then that I love the MTC, there are only about 150 missionaries total here which helps a lot because you know every single person. As everything is in Spanish I don’t know what I am eating or what I should answer on my weekly review.

Companero and Me

Elder Christenson, I am definitely not complaining about my companion.  He is from North Carolina, loves baseball, and he has two older sisters. We get along really well and have become quite good friends in our week at the MTC.


The Lima temple is stunning. It is very very small but definitely an experience to remember. It is so crazy how fast the people talk when we get outside the MTC. Though we have only been given freedom one time it was amazing. I am so blessed to be here and can feel the prayers from my family at home.

Prayer has been my comfort, relief, and strength. I have never prayed so much in my life. I know now the power that prayer gives to every single person. It is what has given me the strength so push thru the ups and downs in the MTC. Some of the most spiritual experiences have been with my district. It is unreal how strong it is everyday. Spanish has been coming pretty fast and I know the Lord is helping me to be able to learn the language to teach the people in Arequipa. The scriptures will provide answers your prayers I know that mine have been answered through praying diligently.

Well stories: After going to the temple then to Tottus to get hangers, should have brought some Mom and Dad, we had to catch, literally jump onto a bus to get back to the MTC. As it was my companion and two others Elder's first time telling the bus driver where we wanted to go, and him going to those places. I never thought we would make it back, we did. There are no such things as driving laws. It is unreal how fast they drive and people pass when the want and pretty much do anything they want on the road. I didn’t see any dogs luckily. 

The teachers only speak in Spanish and so lessons are pushing my brain to the limits but it is so worth it. Calling everyone either Elder or Hermana is one of the hardest thing to do for sure.

I haven’t read any of the emails yet so sorry if I didn’t answer all of your questions.  Still trying to get settled in and so this first p-day is very very fast. I bought some scripture cases today but there was only a small amount of scriptures so I will buy those another day. Everything worked out great and so glad for all the little items that I bought, so useful.

I love you all so much,

Elder Cooley




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