Monday, November 3, 2014

Aplao or Bust!!

Hola Familia,

Wow this week has been absolutely crazy. It is so nice to be busy but there is not enough time in the day to get everything done that we need to.

I got transferred to the city of Aplao in the Siguas area with a new Latino companero (companion). I leave in “T minus” 2 hours ha ha. I am so excited. It was hard at first when I found out Saturday night. I was kind of bummed because we just barely got a new room and a new Pensionista, but I am stoked as well. I didn’t sleep well Saturday night because I was so nervous. At about two in the morning I said a prayer which helped me relax and know that I would be able get everything done on Sunday for my transfer. I am glad that I have another Latino companion because my Spanish will improve a ton and I will learn even more. 

Cake of the Dead
Halloween was nothing like the states ha ha. Barely anybody was trick or treating; it was just another day. We went and had a family home evening and made pizza. 

This week was awesome; we had one of our investigating familias (families) say that they were ready to be baptized this next weekend. So I will not be there for it but, I taught them and they are starting their journey to salvation. I love the feeling when all of our hard work finally pays off! 

Fast Sunday was awesome. Especially when we have the opportunity to fast for our people and members of the church. My testimony of fasting has really grown, because it really strengthens you spiritually and helps you understand the things that need to be done. You really do receive revelation.

Sunday was crazy because of visiting all the families (see pictures below).  Wow it was so cool to visit families that have helped me so much in my first area and so far in my mission. I visited a ton of families and every single one gave me food. I had a brownie recipe Kenzie sent me and one family cooked the brownies for us, they were so delicious. But I threw up in the night because of all the food I ate ha ha. Wow I have never felt so sick in my life. But it was so worth it. I got their information so I will be able to contact them all.

Overall I am so excited to get transferred and learn new things in my mission. I know this is where I need to go and to help the people there.

Thanks you so much family for all that you do for me. I know that this gospel really makes us perfect and there is nothing that the Lord will not forgive us of. The power of the atonement is real. I know that this is true.

I love you all,
Elder Cooley


1. Electrocuted?!? What? I need the story! Was it just a shock or worse?
Yeah it was just a little only when I touched the handle to change the water pressure ha ha. It is because there is no ground for the electricity.

2. Have you received a package yet?
I have received both the packages from mom and the one from forever ago.

3. Did you get any Halloween candy?
I did not get any Halloween candy.

4. Do they have any Christmas Decorations out in stores down there?
There are no Christmas decorations at all ha ha. The holidays are so much different here. (Christmas in Peru)

5. What was the most inspired scripture you read this past week?
Wow there were a ton, probably Moroni 7 the entire chapter.

6. What food do you miss the most?
I miss milk, and quality meat ha ha.

7. What is your favorite native food?
Favorite native food is Ricoto Relleno.

8. How is the Spanish coming along?  Are you able to hold a conversation better?
Spanish is a lot better and I have learned a ton in this past exchange. Conversations are a lot easier.

9. How is your health?  Any issues?
Health is good ha ha. Only issue is to much food.

10. What time do you wake up each morning? What time do fall asleep each night?
Wake up around 6:15am to go to the park to exercise and I fall asleep at 10:30pm.

11. Do you exercise every day?
I jog every morning and my companion would sleep on a bench ha ha.



Bishop's Familia 

Giving a watch away

Familia Echegary

Bishop's Familia

Familia Diaz

Hermana Gina "Old Pensionista"

Chicken and Soup Meal

Familia Victoria

Brother Carlos



Familia Margarita

Glass on Fences to Keep People Out

Laundry Familia

Familia Marcelina

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