Monday, November 24, 2014


Hola Familia,

Wow it is hard to believe that it is already Thanksgiving. What an amazing time! Well I will not personally be celebrating Thanksgiving here but I can just imagine the food that all of you will be eating ha ha. Overall this was a good yet hard week ha ha.

After writing last Monday, we hung out with our Zone and watched some movies. Then my companion was in Arequipa so I was with another Caucasian Elder and it was great until about one in the morning. I woke up with outrageous diarrhea ha ha. I was on the pot for about two hours during the night and again in the morning and the next day. The bad part was that I had a two-hour bus ride back to Aplao. But I was able to take some pills and my stomach got better. I think it was from some yogurt ha ha, but it was horrendous. I was in the bathroom for about eighteen hours straight. But other than that it was great.

We really didn’t get to do much this week because it was slow. This area is so different and at times I just don’t feel like I am accomplishing anything. I know that I can strengthen this branch if I keep working in it. I have made goals to really work with the less active and non-active members, because the branch is lacking strong members.

We had two birthdays this week. So of course here in Peru they shove the cake in your face and everyone loves it ha ha.

I always remember my Seminary teachers saying that on the morning of Thanksgiving we should say a prayer of everything we are grateful for. Since being on my Mission I have realized so many things that I am grateful for. Our lives in the States are so blessed. I am so grateful for my family, you guys are just awesome and all the support that you give me is the best. I am just so lucky to have the things that I have. I am also blessed to have the ability to do the things I want to do in my life. I just can’t wait to come back to the States and be able to serve more people and help them out in life. This Thanksgiving I won’t have the big family gathering but just know that I will be thinking about all of you, and remembering everything that we have and all the many blessing we have.

I love you all so much and have an awesome Thanksgiving and eat a ton of food. Eat some for me also ha ha.

I love you all,
Elder Cooley

1. Do you sing hymns in your branches? What is your favorite hymn in Spanish?
We sings hymns, it is not the best because we don’t have a piano and so ya ha ha, Asombroso Dios I think that is what is it called.

2. What was your favorite scripture this past week?

3. Are you still reading Jesus the Christ? How is it?
I still read it every night and it is amazing. I really enjoy it so much.

4. Do you eat many meals with the members there?
We have not eaten one meal with a member here ha ha.

5. How are you working out there? Running, sit-ups, or pushups?
I just run every single morning in a tiny park and then to abs, pushups, and jump rope after.

6. Describe your apartment.
Apartment is tiny and I will put pictures on today.



7. Have you been hiking at all? What are the hills/mountains like?
The area here is really flat because all the towns are in the bottom of the valley.

8. Are things getting better with your companion?
It is going all right I am just working on being positive and be the best example for him that I can be.

9. When you are with other English-speaking missionaries do you speak English or Spanish?
It just depends on the situation.

10. Are you still able to buy fruit on a semi regular basis there?
Yeah there is a ton of fruit here.

11. Have you gained or lost weight?
I am eating a ton and my weight has dropped a little but overall it has been pretty stable.

12. Are there a lot of bugs? Do you have a problem with bees or yellow jackets?
There are a ton of bugs in this area and so the bugs spray is awesome. I can buy more here so don’t worry. The bees are normal and not too big of a threat.

Honey Comb


Kraps ha ha Ritz Crackers


Weekly cleaning

Teaching Oragami

Fried Bananas


Birthday Party

Random Street Ha Ha

Double Banana

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