Monday, July 13, 2015


Hola Family,
This week has been one of the most interesting weeks of my entire mission ha ha.  My companion departed Wednesday.  He was supposed to leave Thursday but there was rioting in Arequipa and so he had to be there before the road was closed down.  So then I had no companion ha ha.  In the morning after my companion I went with my Pensionista’s husband for a couple hours, then I chilled with a member for a hour or so, and then I went on a triple date ha ha.  I was with a member from the Ward and he brought along his wife to visit people with his guitar ha ha.  It was just great.  I was literally the third wheel for the entire afternoon ha ha.  Then I went to sleep with some Elders.  The next day I was lucky enough to have a member be with me the entire day.  We had some awesome lessons and everything went great with him.  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were even better ha ha.  I was with a member from our Ward for these days and it was just dandy.  I said something that he did not like so he did not talk to me for Friday night or Saturday.  But it was all good and I still had a good time.  

We were able to have such an awesome lesson with Hermana Bacilia, and she came to Church so she will be baptized this week.  She is awesome and it has been amazing to see her be able to change her life and to be able to come unto Christ.  On Saturday night we had a fire for the Zone and it was sweet; we made hot dogs and then some s’mores and it was just a great time.

So on Sunday we had a bunch of investigators come to Church, which was awesome, and everything is great.  My goal is to find a family to be able to baptize (Spanish version) and have them go to the Temple (Spanish version).

Well this week I think that the biggest lesson that I learned was to trust in the Lord (Spanish version) and that you make your own happiness.  Nobody else can make you happy it comes from you and you only.

I love you all and hope that all of you guys are doing the things that the Lord would want from you.  Remember that this life is super short and that we only have so much time to be able to be ready for the eternities (Spanish version).  I love you all.

Les amo,
Elder Cooley

1. Favorite scripture?

2. Where did you get the Bib and what was it for?
It was a towel and it was so that my shirt didn’t get all dirty from cooking ha ha.

3. Where did you get the BBQer?
From a member and we used charcoal.

4. Did you make the cheesecake?
I made the cheesecake ha ha.

5. How was the soccer game?  What position did you play?  Did you score any goals?
The game was great!  We won and I played defense so I didn’t score any goals.

6. How often do you eat tacos (they look amazing)?
Only every once in a while ha ha.

7. Who is the Lajo family?
Senor Lajo is a high councilman member and he invited us to lunch.

8. Where did you get the blue Ilo jersey?

We made them as a Zone for like $10 ha ha.





Bye Companion

Sunday lunch with Fernanda

Lamp chops

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