Monday, July 6, 2015


Hola Familia,

I would just like to say, Happy Fourth of July.  I sure love this holiday when we get to eat delicious food like hamburgers, pulled pork sandwiches and some cookies.  But I am here and so I will take advantage of what I have ha ha.  But I am so grateful for all the people that have fought for our Country and all the amazing things that they have done for us.

Sorry I was not online earlier.  Last night we decided that we were going to do a BBQ for P-day ha ha.  So my companion and I went and bought the food and then cooked it all ha ha.  I made homemade hamburgers and sausages and then a homemade potato salad.  It turned out awesome and the Zone really liked it I think.  I love having this time to be the Zone leader here to be able work super hard and help everyone.

Well this week was good I am so glad and so lucky to be here in Ilo.  It was a good week with a bunch of things going on and some interesting experiences.  But overall everything went well.  We were able to teach a bunch of great lessons.  We are working to find new people and to help people out and make them better people.  We have been working a lot with a sister named Bacilia, she is working hard and she really wants to be baptized she just needs to come to Church.  Everyone and their dogs work in the market on Sunday so it is a big struggle ha ha.  But we are working very carefully.  We just need to see a little more desire from her and for her to show her faith (Spanish version) for this next step in her life.  

It was so cool for Fast Sunday (Spanish version).  For Fast Sunday we were fasting to be able to complete with our goals and to be able to be better Disciples of Christ (Spanish version).  No investigators came Sunday, but we had a bunch of less actives come that we have been working with.  Then out of nowhere two investigators came to sacrament meeting.  They came in and just sat down.  So we went up to them after and were talking with them, they were invited from a member and they came to Church.  So we have a lesson with them this up coming Saturday.  It was cool to see how our prayers are answered in ways that we do not think ha ha.  Overall everything is going great.  I am very pleased with how the work is going.

I am working hard to be able to make the area that I am in better then what it was.  When we found out that Boyd K. Packer (Spanish version)  died we were thinking a ton.  Death (Spanish version) is really REAL.  It is crazy how fast it comes and how fast our life goes by.  There is no time to be unhappy, unforgiving, ungrateful, and sad.  This life is to be happy.  WE MAKE OUR OWN HAPPINESS. (Spanish version)  It is that simple.

We were talking with one sister and her son wrote home to them, and what he said really impacted me.  He said " I miss you guys so much because I have not seen you guys for a year, but I could not even imagine not being to live with you for the eternities.”  In the sense that they did not all reach the same kingdom in Heaven (Spanish version).  All I have to say is that we need to endure to the end (Spanish version).  Because I love you guys I want to live with all of you guys for the rest of my life on this earth and in the heavens.  I just want you all to be the most prepared that we can be to meet with him again because we do not know when he will come again.

Because it is fast Sunday I will end with my Testimony (Spanish version).  I know with all my heart that he lives, and that he knows each one of us personally.  He answers every single plea that we have and wants to help us.  I know that the Book of Mormon (Spanish version) is our guide for eternal life, and will change you for the better.  I know that this Church is true because I have kneeled and prayed to my Heavenly Father (Spanish version) to know it is the only true Church on this earth.  I know that we have an opportunity each day to make our lives better and all we have to do is to take it.  I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I love you all so much and I hope that you all have a great week, just remember that I am praying for each and everyone one of you guys.

Les Amo,
Elder Cooley

1. Favorite Scripture?

2. What are your thoughts on L. Tom Perry and Boyd K. Packer passing away?
It was interesting.  It just makes us know how weak we really are and how we need to be ready to meet God again.

3. How does it feel to be over half-way done with your mission?
It is crazy and I do not feel like I have nearly done enough things to be almost done ha ha.

4. Was it weird to not have fireworks on the Forth of July?
It was super weird and it was just like any other day.


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