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Hola Familia,

I have had a pretty interesting week.  I would first like to talk about the really weird things that happened then I will talk about the spiritual things.  This week we were at the opening of an investigators new hair shop and she wanted us to dedicate the store.  We went and then she wanted us to stay and eat and get our hair cuts.  Everything was normal, then she asked us to give some words during the toast ha ha.  So all of a sudden we were made godfathers of the store, without us knowing and it was really interesting ha ha.  But what a different experience ha ha. 

Then this week we were able to have a sweet Family Home Evening.  First we went and made some apple pie for a treat ha ha.  Then for the lesson, we took a candlestick and lit it and turned all the lights off.  Then we started talking about how Christ is our light and will guide us in everything that we need to do.  Then I blew out the light and asked everyone how they felt.  Everyone of course felt lost and lonely.  If Christ is in our life we will have that light and be able to see the end and know that he lives and that he will help us. 

This week was an interesting week and so I will tell you why I titled this week’s email “Family”.  We have been able to visit with a couple of Hermanas in the Ward (Spanish version) and just talked and they just poured out there hearts that they just want a happy and good marriage (Spanish version).  If we want real happiness in this life we need to work together as couples.  We cannot go at it alone.  The church is centered around families.  I know that this is how we will get the most happiness in our life and it is everything that we need.  We need to treat everyone well and treat them how we would like to be treated.  We are going to live with them for the rest of our lives and so we better love them and have the relationship that will last for the eternities.  I know that we need to love our husband or wife so much.  We need to help them and both grow stronger together that we can have true happiness.  I love this and so grateful for the things that I have learned. 

Then this week we were able to go to Arequipa and have the monthly Zone Leader Conference it was amazing and I have learned so much.  I was able to visit with Maria this week in Arequipa.  She is gong to go to the temple (Spanish version) in the upcoming months.  We were able to help her come back to the church and now it is amazing to see that she is going to progress more and more.  Then Hermana Bacilia is in Lima right now with her family and she was able to go and see the sealing (Spanish version) of her son in the temple.  It is awesome to see that she will be able to go and see someone being sealed for the eternities in the temple.

Overall this week was awesome.  Just love what you have and be grateful for everything that you have and just love life because it goes by so fast ha ha.

Les amo,
Elder Cooley

1. Favorite scripture?

2. Where did you read or hear about "The Room" story?
I heard about it from a missionary.

3. Have you worked any more with Hermana Basilia since her baptism?  How is she doing?
I have and she is in Lima right now with her family (which are all members).

4. Do women dye their hair down there? 
Yeah they do it a lot ha ha.  A lot do it themselves ha ha.

5. What is the most popular dessert in Ilo?
It has to be plain cake ha ha.

6. Have you gained any more weight?
I have gained more weight ha ha.  Everyone just loves to give us cake ha ha ;)

7. What is your favorite part of each day?
My favorite part is just knowing that I have helped someone in their life.

8. How often do you typically have Zone Conferences?
Zone Conferences are every month.

9. When are the next transfers?
The next transfers are in 3 weeks.

10. Is it weird for you that it is winter in June, July and August?
It is quite weird.  All I have to say is that our shower is ice cold ha ha.  I like summer for that reason.

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