Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Hole Familia,

The mission is amazing.  I would never trade anything for the experiences that I have had in Peru.  It is so hard; sometimes I just feel that we are walking in circles and doing nothing.  The outcome is amazing.  At times when we are just walking on the streets I imagine all things that are happening in the world and just realized how blessed I am to be out here.

I love working my hardest and seeing people change. The people here are amazing and so loving.  Some are so hard hearted that they don't even want to listen. 

I have so many memories of miracles (Spanish version) I have personally witnessed on the mission.  I know that God is a god of miracles.  I have had so many doors slammed in my face, but what am I going to do haha.

I have seen the love of a family that lives the gospel and how they are truly rich and truly happy.

I have seen the effects of sin and bad decision-making that truly affect the well being of a person. 

I have experienced a change that has made me the best that I can be right now.  I know that God knows my potential.  I also know that everything goes how it is supposed to go if we live this gospel.

I have laughed and smiled so much.  I have never felt happiness to this degree in all my life.  I also have cried and been so sad that I could only imagine what Jesus went through in Gethsemane (Spanish version).  I have witnessed a magnitude of leadership and friendship in the mission.  I know that I will never be the same after this mission.

I am a missionary of Jesus Christ.  I represent him everywhere I go.  I don't think I really understood that until the other night.  I just am a man that owes a debt to him.  I owe my life to him and my only hope to help others lose their life for his sake in order to find it. Matthew 16:25 (Spanish version)

I love the mission.  I love learning and teaching this gospel.  Are we as members truly repenting daily?  Are we trying to become perfect like our family in heaven is perfect?  Matthew 5:48 (Spanish version)  Are we reaching our potential? (Spanish version)  Are we enjoying life how it should be enjoyed?  Are we following the commandments (Spanish version) of the Lord?  Are we reading the scriptures daily?  What are we doing to show sincere love?

I love you all.  I know that each of us has a potential to become like him and all we need to do is to find it.  Pray to receive the guidance (Spanish version) to know where to start in your journey to eternal happiness.

I love you all so much,

Elder Cooley

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