Monday, April 18, 2016

Plan of Salvation

Hello family,

Everything is going well.  Another week down!  Wow it is crazy how fast time is going by.  I am halfway though the transfer with my companion Elder Agine.  It is going awesome; we are having a lot of success and fun.  This week was an interesting week, a lot of weird things happened by it was good. 

Monday was a good day.  So on Monday we went to my old area in Hunter and ate with a family there.  It was really cool.  We hung out with the missionaries there for a little bit.  Then we went back to our area to get ready for family home evenings (Spanish version) that night.  So we went on divisions and I went with one member and my companion went with another member.  It was really cool we visited with this family and we talked about forgiveness (Spanish version) and how forgiveness is essential to be happy.  The Vega family is a really awesome family and you can tell that they are happy. 

On Tuesday we had a Zone Conference so that is when my companion and I do a conference with the Zone on the things that we learn and experiences that we had.  It was cool and it went well and we got to see a lot of Elders.  We came back and ate lunch.  Then we had a meeting with the Stake President and Mission President and talked to them to see how we are doing and what we can do better. 

Wednesday was the longest day of my entire life.  I went with an Elder that is having some troubles on his mission.  He is not doing too hot and doesn’t want to be in Peru.  So my companion went with his companion and he came to my area with me.  So it was a very long day.  He didn’t really want to be with me.  We got to teach a lot of lessons.  It was interesting to be able to get to know people and see what they do.  We have a lot of success. We had a really cool lesson.  So my Pensionista’s dad is not a member, his name is Pablo.  We went and taught him for the first time and it was a really spiritual lesson.  He is 84 and his wife passed away a year ago.  We were sitting there and my Pensionista started crying because she knows that they need to be sealed to be an eternal family (Spanish version).  So we taught him and he is open and ready to listen to us so that he can be sealed in the temple with his wife and live with her forever.  That is why we are here on earth to make eternal families.  Then we ended divisions and my companion came back.

On Thursday we had a really awesome lesson with some less actives.  They haven’t gone to church in 10 years but we went and talked to them and they are ready to go.  We will see where that goes.  It was really cool.

On Friday we went up to Los Olivos and taught the family.  It was amazing and they made pasta tardine, it is like a noodle casserole thing.  It is really good.  After eating we came back and ate another lunch so we ate two lunches that day haha.  We had a really cool lesson with some members that night.  It was a hard night and there wasn’t a lot of people but it was good.

Saturday we helped a kid on a mission who is in the Ward that we are in and is going on a mission in like three weeks.  Here in Peru when you don’t have money you do a thing called a pollata.  You sell a bunch of tickets and you make a bunch of fried chicken.  So it is like a BBQ thing but it is a little more expensive because it is about helping the kid.  We helped him.  They sold a ton of chicken, which was cool.  We came back and started our fast, which was also cool.  I love fasting.  We had an awesome lesson with a lady named Julia.  She was a contact that we had.  We went and started talking to her and we found out that her son died.  We were able to share about the plan of salvation and that she can live with her son again and that he is in the spirit world.

Sunday was good we had church.  There was a bunch of people at church and it was fast and testimony meeting.  After I went with a member on divisions named Carlos and he is a member that was inactive and we helped him get rescued.  My companion went with another member.  It was really cool we got to visit some families and it was fun

Everything is going great.  I am happy.  I got bit by a dog this morning walking back from the gym while walking by this car and the dog came out of nowhere and just bit me in the ankle.  Other that that it was good.

This week should be good we have a lot of lessons planned and people to visit, which I am excited about.

Have a great week,
See you
Elder Cooley

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