Monday, March 9, 2015

As the Army of Helaman

Hola Familia,
Well I did not get transferred, so I have another six weeks here in the Valley.  I am stoked!  I was not quite ready to leave the wonderful people here.  Overall I have been thinking a ton and am planning to continue working extremely hard to do all I can to make this next change even better.  This week has been wonderful.  We have had a ton of awesome lessons and we are working hard to help out the people that are here. 

Well not too much has happened, it was a good week just kind of slow and we traveled a lot to places.  We had some fun times and some very spiritual lessons.  Fun times first ha ha.  We were able to have an great fire one night.  We cooked hot dogs and S’mores and it was really fun.

Fire Night

Then we stayed the night in Pedregal.  We had a district meeting and then we headed back.  We made some more awesome cinnamon rolls.  

Cinnamon Rolls

Then on Tuesday we were able to talk with a less active family and then they came to Church on Sunday it was amazing and hopefully they will keep coming.  They live about two hours from the Church but they made the trip with the little money they have, to be there to learn and to partake of the Sacrament (Spanish version).  

Wednesday we helped a Member move into his new house and it was fun.  He is awesome and hopefully he will be able to help us out with the work more.  After we went and had lunch with a member, it was a bunch of fun and I learned a new Peru dish ha ha: Aji de Gallina.  Later we went and played basketball at the Church with some members.  It turned out to be really fun and awesome.  

On Thursday it was Elder Holden’s birthday, so I made him German pancakes in the morning.  Then we went and had lunch.  After we put a bunch of eggs and flour in his hair, which was a bunch of fun.  That night we went and got pizza for his birthday, because absolutely no one was home ha ha.  




Then on Friday one of the Zone Leaders came to our area.  We went and visited some members and it was amazing.  We had some pretty awesome lessons.  Hopefully Raul and Valerie will get married, we are just working hard with them.  They know they need to but they have some doubts that are holding them back.  

On Saturday we went and helped Vigil with his mango orchard and we had a great time.  We were able to help him and it was cool to go and pick some more mangos ha ha.  


Picture in Mango Orchard ha ha

Then we went to visit a member and we thought she was going to buy a cake for Elder Holden, but we get into the kitchen and she was like, “Elder Cooley make a carrot cake” ha ha.  I was like crap I can’t just whip out a carrot cake without having all the stuff.  So we told her that we didn’t have a lot of time and we made some boss pancakes ha ha.  After we went with some kids from the Single’sWard (Spanish version) and visited a bunch of members and showed them what it is like to be a missionary and everything.

Overall this week was awesome. I just need to keep working hard and everything will turn out great. I love the missionary work and I am so excited to keep learning every single day and just to keep being the best that I can be.

I love every single one you guys, keep working hard everyday to be the best people you can be.

Elder Cooley


1. Favorite scripture?
The story of the 2,000 stripling warriors. Alma 57 (Spanish version)


2. Was the rice arroz verde good?  What did it taste like?
It is really good, I don’t know how to describe it ha ha.

3.  What did the Aja de Gallina taste like?
It is like a cream chicken thing ha ha, something like that.

4. Do you eat a lot of eggs there?
Yes we eat a lot of eggs and a lot with just a ton of oil ha ha.

5. Why did you deep fry Oreos?
I cooked them because I wanted to and they looked delicious ha ha.

6. Why types of activities do you plan for the branch?  Anything fun?
We do mission night, talent show, pioneer night, sport night, and MTC night.  They are always great and I love doing them.

7. How did the youth night that you were planning go?
It fell through but this week we are going to have it.

8. Do you get referrals (Spanish version) from the members at all?
Um . . . very little, ha ha in other areas more but in this area not too many.

9. It was daylight savings time today (Spring forward).  How does it feel to not have a time change?
It just feels the same and it is fun.

10.  How is your luggage doing?  Will you have enough room for when you transfer?

The luggage is going well and I think that I will have enough room in the luggage for my next transfer.

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