Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Great week

Hola family,

Well this week has been really good. We have been able to have a ton of success and we are finally seeing some progress in our members.

This week was crazy I will start of talking about the spiritual things that happened first. Well we had two awesome experiences this week with less active members finding us. On Saturday night we were walking around just contacting people like crazy and just struggling to find anyone. We were going up this dark street with nobody on it. This motorcycle taxi came down and started to stop right before us ha ha. My first thought was that this guy was either drunk or was about to bug us, so I was trying not to make eye contact and then we heard him say “Elders”. Then we started to talk to him and we found out that he was is a member and had just moved back to Aplao to live with his family. We talked with him for a while and got him to come to church on Sunday. Today we were going to catch the bus bright and early to go to our meeting and this guy named Jose Louis came up to us and asked where the church was. Later we found out that he is from out of town working here and didn’t know where the church was. So we have found two awesome less active members just by being in the right place at the right time.

Well this week was really busy and we had a ton of stuff to do. We had a Zone Conference and then another two day meeting during the week. Then on Saturday I made 6 PIES ha ha! It was Pi Day so I made the 6 pies for the branch that we handed out on Sunday. I made a lemon meringue, chocolate mint, key lime, apple, banana cream, and coconut cream ha ha. It was a crazy day but it was so much fun.

Well activities made this kind of a bust this week ha ha. We had planned to have a sports night in Cosos on Saturday, but nobody came so we cancelled ha ha. This week we are already doing better then we did last week. We had a sweet family home evening last night and then tonight we are making pizza and then tomorrow we have sports night. Then Thursday we have an activity for the Elder’s quorum and the young men to play soccer and then we have mission night and then another sports night. We are really working with the branch a ton and really focusing on the members to help them be the best that they can be.

Overall this week has been awesome and everything is going great. We are seeing a ton of success in the less active members that we are teaching.

My testimony in faith (Spanish version) has grown so much. There is this mom named Luisa she is a single mom and she lives about an hour and a half away form the church. She works all day in the fields harvesting onions or just anything so that she can to earn some money. She does so much for her family just to get to the church. Sometimes they only have money to send one person from their family but they come and they make it work. It is such a sacrifice for her to come to church that it is just amazing and such a testimony  (Spanish version)builder for me. 

I love you all and you guys are always in my prayers. Thank you so much for everything that you do for me. Have a wonderful week and keep working hard to be happy every single day of this amazing life that we have.

I love you all,
Elder Cooley


1. Favorite scripture?

2. Have you purchased a hat yet?
I have not purchased a hat yet ha ha.

3. Where is Pedregal?  How far away from Aplao is it?
It is out of the valley about two hours.  So we travel two hours to get to all of our meetings as a Zone.

4. Why did you not have eggs and flour thrown in your hair?
I don’t know I was just lucky to get out of it ha ha.

5. Was the dog you were holding in the picture from last week wild or somebodies pet?  Is is a Peruvian hairless dog?
It was somebody’s pet ha ha.  It is a Peruvian hairless dog.  It is extremely ugly.

6. When you had the fire night did somebody play the guitar?
Yeah, there is one Elder that plays the guitar in our district.

7. Who made the cheesecake for Elder Holden?
It was a member that has a cake business.

8. What type of pizza did you get?  How does it compare to pizza in the states?
It was a pepperoni pizza and it was really good.  It was a little different but awesome.

9. Did you celebrate Pi day? (3/14/15)
We did, I only made 6 pies.

10. Did you have to climb the mango trees to harvest the mangos?  Or were you doing it just for fun?
Yeah to get the mangos we had to climb the trees to be able to get some of them.

No new pictures this week.

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