Monday, May 18, 2015

Families are Forever

Hola Family,

How are all of you guys doing?  This week has been pretty good nothing too interesting has happened this week ha ha.  We were able to have a good week.  We had a lot of fun and were able to do a bunch of things.  I am trying to think of what we did and I can’t remember ha ha.  Well this week we were supposed to have a baptism but we are going to push it off one more week because we have not seen the change in his heart (Spanish version).

I know that if we keep working with him he will want to change and will be ready to be baptized.  Our investigator Pedro and Brasilia have a date to be baptized; July 4th ha ha.  They are awesome and their entire family from Lima is going to come and it will be such an amazing experience.  They could be baptized right now but they are waiting for July and so it will be awesome.  Well we have other investigators but they are not progressing too much. 

The Ward is doing really well and it will be exciting to see what will happen during my time here.  The members are great.  The Zone is doing really good too.  It is fun to be able to help out the Zone.  On Thursday we went and picked up a missionary that came in from Lima.  We were waiting at the bus station until midnight ha ha.  We were just sitting there and talking to this lady that makes these weird hot drink things.  It was fun to help out that missionary.  We also painted a house this week; we did a great job and had so much fun.  I have to say that the 6 missionaries that painted this house did a much better job then the painters here.

Well other then that this week has been pretty normal. Just doing the work of the Lord.

This week I have really learned the importance of families (Spanish version).  After giving so many lessons to families that are falling apart and seeing the heartache from the sins of the parents is so difficult.  The most important thing that we have in our lives is our family.  The family needs to be the strongest thing that we have in our lives and they can really help us be the best that we need to be.  The husband and wife are essential to life and we need to love our partner more then anyone is this world.  Love them and cherish every single moment that you have with them.  This life is to enjoy and to learn.  Love every minute and don’t let the day run you. (Family Proclamation - Spanish version)

I love you all,
Elder Cooley

1. Favorite scripture?

2. Have you tried any Peruvian chocolate?  What were your thoughts?
There is some good Peruvian chocolate but not too much ha ha.  It is called Bon Bon.

3. Are you able to cook at all in your new area?
Yeah I am able to cook a little.  I helped a member cook a thing called Causa yesterday.


4. How is the Zone doing?
The Zone is doing well.  Everyone is working hard and we can see some more improvements.  We are happy but want to elevate the Zone even more.

5. Do the natives speak English at all?
Um, not really.  Like everyone knows a little English but not too much.

6. Have you met any Americans down there (that are not there on a mission)?
I have met a couple when I was in Arequipa but there have not been any here.

7. What is the biggest challenge with travel?  Is it easier than when you were in Aplao?
It is a ton easier than in Aplao.  It is just taking buses and taxis everywhere.

8. Do people still take your picture randomly (just because you are so tall)?
Yes! It always happens to me ha ha.

9. What is something that you have seen or experienced that has strengthened your testimony?
How faithful the people here are.  They try and keep the Sabbath day holy and to follow the prophets (Spanish version).  They don’t have too much knowledge of the Gospel but they have so much faith (Spanish version).

10. What is your favorite activity to do on P-days?
I like to hang out and play sports, go to the beach and just walk around.

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