Monday, May 25, 2015

"For with God nothing shall be impossible." -Luke 1:37

Hola Familia,

Well this week has been crazy ha ha.

We have had a ton of things to do because my companion is ending his mission.  Also the Zone is doing well and everything is going great.  Well this week something exciting happened.  Our investigator Cesar Llanos is doing good and progressing.  We were able to talk with him and to confirm his date to be baptized this Saturday or the next just depending on him and which one he wants to pick.  He will have his interview and then it will all be good.  It was really cool.  When we went to talk with him his attitude totally changed.  He had been changed from the Spirit of the Holy Ghost (Spanish version).  If we can apply the simple things in our life we can change everything.  If we read and pray (see video below) and follow the steps to have Eternal Life (Spanish version) we will be happy and ready to be changed. 

Christian is doing really well.  We were thinking about dropping him because he has not been progressing but we went for the last lesson with him.  We were talking with him and discovered that out of nowhere had read the Book of Mormon (Spanish version) chapter that we left with him.  He has prayed and is ready to be baptized.  I think that he will be baptized this weekend or next weekend as well.

I have gained a testimony of the Power of God.  Luke 1:37 (Spanish version)

If we can put our trust in God he will help us and will change who we are.  We are not inviting people to come to the Church, we are inviting people to come to Christ and to changed their life through Christ.

I love my mission and all the ups and downs but everything is amazing.  Overall this week has been really good.  I was able to cook some tacos real quick ha ha and they were amazing.  

Everything has just been going great.  I am ready to get a new companion.  Overall I love everything.  Life is amazing.

I love you all and just keep on keeping on and everything will work out.
Elder Cooley


1. Favorite scripture?

2. What is your workout schedule?
Um, I usually do different things everyday.  I just workout in the living room of our Pensionista and typically just do circuit workouts.

3. Can you give us an update on your pedometer?
I will next week; I do not have it with me right now.

4. What is the missionaries’ biggest health issue as a whole in your area?
I think that the biggest issue is stomach problems.

5. Have you tried any seafood yet?
Just fish ha ha.  We really don’t eat too much seafood even though we live on the coast.

6. Is it getting colder there yet?
It is getting a little colder.  The shower is definitely getting ice cold ha ha.

7. Do the people there reuse items when they can?
Yes everyone loves to reuse all the bottles and everything.  Although they don’t store food for more than one day in the refrigerator.

8. How often do you listen to your music?
I listen to music every morning doing my workout.

9. What is your favorite song?
I think that The Piano Guys are pretty awesome.

10. Do the Ward members help you out with the new investigators?
Yes, they are able to come with us to help teach.

Happy Birthday Elder Garcia!


Cute Dog






Angel and Cindy

The Patriarch (Patriarchal blessings)

Zone Breakfast

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