Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Consejo de Liderazgo

Hola Familia,

This week has been really awesome.  It has been crazy getting a new companion and having to train him how to be a Zone Leader and then also having to help out the Zone.  We had to go and clean out an area’s room because it was closed down.  The mission is going to have fewer missionaries so there will be a bunch of Zones that get closed down during this up coming transfer.  So we went and cleaned out the room and it was filthy.  But we were able to get it cleaned out and get the things ready to be sent to Arequipa.  Then we had to go and do a bunch of things for the Zone.  It has been a really busy week but we were efficient.  We were able to help out the Sisters in the Zone to find some new investigators with a Zone activity.  It was really fun and it was good to help the sisters. 

This week we had the opportunity to go and have the monthly leadership council (Consejo de Liderazgo).  It was so much fun.  So in leadership council all the Zone Leaders from each of the 15 Zones and the Sister leaders in the mission go to the Mission Home and talk about the things that we need to do as a mission and what we need to do better.  Overall it was awesome and a ton of fun.  I was also able to see some of the Elders from the same group as me be called as Zone Leaders which was awesome.  Overall I love it and it is just so amazing and I know that I just need to keep working harder and harder and everything will turn out. 

We were able to go and explore Arequipa because we got there a little early.  It was a ton of fun and then we went and ate at T.G.I Fridays ha ha.  I was able to eat something that was kind of like the States for once in like a year and it was fantastic.  Then we went to our meeting the rest of the night and then the entire next day.  I learned a ton and am so glad that I have been to go.

The investigators are doing really well and it is remarkable to see the changes that we have seen in them this past week.  So we have one investigator that we were about to stop teaching but then he called us and was like when can you guys come and see me.  Then he came to Church, which is a miracle, but overall it was humbling to see the changes he has made and the Holy Ghost (Spanish version) work.

This week I learned a ton and just I need to keep working my hardest to be the best example for the Zone and just keep pushing on.

I love you all and I hope that you all have a great week.
Elder Cooley

1. Favorite scripture?

2. Did a lot of the ward show up to Cesar’s baptism?
Yeah it was a pretty good amount of members that were able to come to the baptism.

3. Why was the boat up in the street?  Were people living in it?
It was just being repaired and so they had it there for the time ha ha.

4. Was the picture of the house where you are living with your Pensionista?
Yes that is our house where we live with our Pensionista.

5. What is Moqugua?
Moqugua is a place in the mission ha ha.

6. A couple of weeks ago when you were serving were you just pulling out stumps?
Yeah we just pretty much weeded for like four hours ha ha.

7. Is there only one ward in your area or are there multiple wards?
There is just one war in our area and usually there is only one set of missionaries at each Zone.

8. What do you typically eat?  (It looks like you have a lot of tacos)
Just rice and potatoes ha ha.

9. Was Elder Cerezo one of your companions?

He was my companion for like a week when both of our companions ended their missions.  We didn’t have anyone so we just paired up.  When you end your mission you go home a week earlier than transfers so we were together for a week ha ha.

Zone Leaders in my group


Plaza de Armas Arequipa

Elder Diaz

Elder Garcia : My Companion

Elder Vargas

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