Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Illness and Prayer

Hola Familia,

Well this week has been a super interesting week.  On Monday we went to a area super far away to do a family home evening.  It was awesome and I talked with the bishop and his wife for a while.  It was so cool to see the relationship between them and how they work together to have an awesome marriage.  Marriage is not easy and I have seen that.  The best marriages are the ones where each spouse work on them every single day.

We also were able to have President come to our Zone Conference.  It was great and we had an awesome time with him.  He even took us out to eat pizza after.  It was great to talk with him and with the Stake President.  I am so glad to work with these leaders and see what I can do to help them. 

Then this week I have understood finally in all my life what it really means to pray with all your heart.  So the past few weeks I have been sick and have just not gotten better.  Even with all the pills that I have been taking and the doctors that I have seen I still haven’t gotten better.  On Friday morning I got a phone call from the mission president telling me that I needed to go to the States to figure everything out but I needed to talk with the doctor in Lima first and see what was happening.  So I was freaking out that I was going to go home and what that means.  We were in a service project super far away.  While we were at the farm I walked out found a really quiet place and knelt down and started to pray.  I asked God if I needed to stay here in the mission or go home.  I know that from that prayer and from my mom that I need to stay here and that everything will be all right.  I am so glad to be out here on the mission and I know that the sickness will get better.

Well I am so glad to be working with all these people in Chen Chen they are awesome.  I am also so glad that I have this time to help out these people. I hope that everything is going great will you guys.  I hope that everyone is having the life that they would like. 

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”
George Bernard Shaw

I love you all,

Elder Cooley

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