Sunday, November 1, 2015

Teaching and Progress

Hola Family,

Well this week is great.  I am so excited for everything that we are seeing and the amazing things that are happening with the ward and the people.  So this week we were able to bring back six members to the church that have been inactive for years.  We are getting one family ready to go to the temple and to be sealed for all the eternities, which will be so cool.  It is amazing to see people that can feel the love and joy that this Gospel brings and how it really has everything.  This week has been super interesting.

I have been studying the apostasy a lot lately and it is crazy interesting.  I love reading and seeing that we do need latter day prophets and that also we need a restored church due to the things were lost through the span of 2000 years without the fullness of the gospel.  I love this Gospel and am so lucky to have it in my life.  I love being able to learn and grow as a person.  I know that the true church had to be restored because of everything that happened.

This week we had a super interesting lesson with a devout Catholic.  He was asking us about Mary and Jehovah and the Trinity.  It was interesting when we were explaining about the topics and he realized that he was not so sure in his beliefs.  We were just reading what the bible says and it was cool to see his heart changed and opened. 

Funny story, so my companion was buying a toothbrush and when we turned around from the store this lady came up to us and was like why do you guys not use the name Jehovah for your church, Jehovah witness, and we were like we use Jesus Christ who is Jehovah in the old testament and then they started to go of and it was super interesting she just came up to us to attack us. But overall everything is great.

I have learned so much during the time on my mission; it is just insane ha ha.  

I love teaching.  I was talking about that with my companion yesterday.  It is my favorite part of the day; finding people to teach and help them understand better.

I love you all, I invite each of you to find some questions about the church and look for them in the scriptures. Not on the Internet ha ha.  Scriptures.

I love you all,

Elder Cooley

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