Saturday, May 7, 2016

Stake Conference

Hello family,
How is everything going?  Everything is going great here in Peru.  It was a great week and we had a lot of success.

On Monday we went to Sogai Zone, it’s a waterfall.  We rented this big bus to take everybody in the Zone.  The bus couldn’t make it all the way there because the streets were too little so we had to walk a long way.  It was like and hour and a half there and an hour of walking so it was a pretty long day but it was good.  We came back and had a good family home evening lesson that night. 

We had divisions Tuesday I went to this other area in Lauta with Elder Franco from Ecuador.  We were on divisions for that day we went and saw the area and the area is huge so we took a lot of buses.  It was fun we and I learned a lot.  Some teenage members in the ward helped us out and taught with us so overall it was a really good day. 

On Wednesday I went back to my area and started teaching again.  Also I made an apple pie with some members, which turned out really good.  We were able to have a really good lesson with our Pensionista and her dad, Pablo.  We were able to teach him and it was really cool and he’s doing really well.  He is ready to be baptized on the 14th of this month.  I’m super excited.  We went and did divisions again I went with a member and my companion went with another member.  I went and visited this one family and the other family wasn’t there so we went and came back and met up with my companion and had a family home evening and then went and talked with Maurivel.  She’s doing really good and progressing.

We went on divisions again Thursday and it was really fun.  We were able to teach a bunch of people and help out.  It was really cool.  

Friday was a really busy day, we had a bunch of lessons that didn’t all work out how we wanted them to but it was really good anyways.  I went with another member went to Carlos Manone’s birthday party.  He was a less active that we rescued.  It was cool to see how much support his wife and family have to help him come back and be active in the church and it turned out to be a good night.  

Saturday morning I went and got my hair cut from Pablo an 84 year old.  He cut my hair and it was a little sketchy at first because he was shaking while he was cutting but it turned out really good.  And it looks good so I’m all right with it.  Then we had our Stake Conference  that night and it was really cool.  We talked a lot about the family, the Sabbath day (Spanish version), the importance of teaching your family in the home and what it can do to help everybody out.  Super happy for that and for the many blessings I’ve seen in my life and for the people that have helped me personally become better.  After we went with a member to eat some tacos and they were actually pretty good.  It was fun to go talk with him and his family. It was fun to talk to see how they are doing and how everything is going.

On Sunday we finished the conference, we had the priesthood session in the morning and then we had the general session.  We went and got Pablo and Haiti and they both came to the conference.  There were some awesome messages that I really liked and it’s so important to know what we need to do better.  It talked about being proactive not reactive and getting a bigger testimony.  A lot of times in life we just wait for things to happen but we should go out and make things happen because if not we are never going to become successful in our faith.  Faith is an action.  If we have faith we are going to do something and we will go out and make our lives better.  If we don’t have faith we are going wait until our lives become better which they won’t so we need to go out and do something to become better.  Overall it was a super good week.  I’m happy and the Zone is doing well.  We had a really cool lesson last night with Marivel and Ronald.  So Marivel is not a member and her husband is. He is returned missionary and they have been married for about a year and have a kid on the way so we are seeing if we can help her get baptized.  We talked about the family and how families are so important it’s why we are here to have eternal families (Spanish version) We aren’t here to just have fun and have a family for our mortal life; it’s to have a family forever.  Families are so important we need to have a bigger picture and focus on what we can do for families. We went and talked to Haiti to see how she’s doing.  She’s ready for an interview and she didn’t have any questions.  It’s going great and everything is going super good in the area.  I’m super excited, working hard and figuring out everything we need to do.  We need to make our lives better each and everyday.  Become who we want to become and if we aren’t doing that we need to change things.  But overall it’s going great.  All right family I love you so much and hope you have a great week.  I can’t wait to talk to you on Skype.


Elder Cooley

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