Friday, August 8, 2014

Peru Independence Day

Hola Familia,

Sorry once again we only get 30 minutes to write this week. The P-day was changed to Tuesday because of Peru's Independence Day.

But, we were able to go to the ancient city of Caral. Photos hopefully come through the dropbox (see below). It was a 6-hour round trip driving on sketchy roads but wow how insane it was. We went across streams and off-roaded in Le Buses. Ha ha I wish I could explain more about the city but look it up it is awesome. I am sorry I couldn´t tell you earlier about the p day change but I know you guys will be alright and blessed. 

On Saturday we had the opportunity to be able to proselyte again. It is always so humbling. I went with another Latino and that was a blessing. We stopped and started to talk to a man, a women and their daughter. We were able to teach them a lesson and they started to cry, they were talking something about the salvation and how everyone can be forgiven. It was such an amazing experience. We were also able to eat fresh bread from a less active members house. Kind of sketchy but I watched it being cooked and so I wasn’t too scared. My companion was 18 and very scared, I don’t know too much Spanish but I was able to calm him down and make him feel comfortable so he could talk.

On Friday I was able to give my first blessing to my companion, he is struggling and emotionally distraught. It was cool to have the words flow out of my mouth. The priesthood is so powerful. Then on Sunday we finally were able to read and have personal study for awhile I love to dive into the scriptures, they really do answer prayers.

Then on Monday after finishing dinner I was walking back to the room and I threw up. It was disgusting. But I think it was something that I ate. I have not had the runs yet; major blessing. Then we were learning Spanish and all of the sudden EARTHQUAKE! It was very small but I have been in an earthquake! EPIC! The food is pretty redundant. But this coming week I get to go to Interpol and Migrations to get my ID and Pizza Hut is on the menu.

I know the power of the gospel.  I know that the Holy Ghost is so essential in our lives. He guides us and gives us comfort always. On Sunday I had a very powerful moment when I told another missionary the importance of 2 Nephi 4:35. This church is true and I can’t wait to share the gospel with as many people as I physically can in these two years.

I love you all so much,

Elder Cooley

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