Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tick . . . . Tock . . . Tick . . Tock . TickTock

Hola Familia,

            This week has been so crazy. Time goes by so fast it is unreal, I can’t even believe it in the first place ha ha. Last P-day we played soccer with our district and that was way fun. Other than that we just knocked on doors ha ha. We try and talk to as many people as we possibly can. We have meetings with our district all the time. It is nice to see other missionaries. A lot of the appointments that we set up fall through. Which is so sad, I wished that they would all work out and that the people would be able to hear our message. I love to study in the morning and learn more of the doctrine.
            One of our investigators became sick and had to go the hospital. We went to the hospital to visit but were unable to find him. The hospital was filthy. I can’t believe the situations there compared to those that we have in the states. It is unreal how people in Peru live and how humble they are.
            Part of our area is so far way that we have to take a bus there. It is where our laundry is done. The people are very poor but seem more than willing to accept the gospel. Church is always so nice to be at. It is fun to see when our investigators come to Church and keep their promises. But it is frustrating when they don’t come. We only had 3 people come this past week to Church. We do have a couple of investigators that will most likely have a baptismal date for some time in Septiembre (September).

            This past Sunday we ate at the Bishop’s house, geez I have never eaten so much food. It was so good. I didn’t eat dinner that night or breakfast the next morning because I ate so much. But the food here is good and nothing else has made me sick yet ha ha. I will be able to hike anywhere in church shoes after this ha ha. It is like going straight up mountains. We pretty much eat chicken, rice and potatoes all the time. Pretty much every day is the same. I like it though, it is nice to be able to spend time talking with people. My Spanish is coming along but I do wish I could speak better. I can understand a lot more than I am able to speak. They all talk too fast but it will come, I know that. Thank you so much for all the support. Everyone take care.

Love, Elder Cooley

Arequipa Flag

Interesting Facts about Arequipa

Population: 844,000 
Elevation: 8,268 feet 
Average Winter Temperature: 60 degrees F 
Average Summer Temperature: 58 degrees F

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