Friday, August 8, 2014

Semana 5

Hola Familia,
Scripture Cases
This week has been a wonderful week with many great times. These past 5 weeks have gone by so fast. The days are long but the weeks are incredibly fast. Last Wednesday we got new roommates; Elder Bodily is from Lehi, Utah and Elder Asay is from Texas. They are a nice change from having Latinos in our room although I wish that they were still in our room because they really helped a lot with the language. The Latinos are so nice. We get new ones in every 2 weeks and all are incredible.
On Thursday and Friday I finally went to Interpol and Migracions. It was way sketchy, there were wild cats running around and finger printing was interesting. My picture was not straight and I look like a killer. I have heard that a lot of missionaries don’t get their I.D. till quite some time into their mission. Also some have to fly to Ecuador to renew their visas. After we got done we were able to go to Pizza Hut and eat some pizza. I have never wanted pizza hut in my life so badly. Saturday was nothing really to great just a ton of studying, the usual day. Sundays are by far the best day of the week, besides P-day. We listened to a talk by Elder Richard G Scott. He talked on how to communicate with Dios (God). He said "Pray even when you have no desire to pray.” That is so powerful. Praying is essential and Satan doesn’t want you to pray because of the comfort received from of our loving Heavenly Father. Sometimes we won’t get a answer right away but that time is to let us struggle, to let us grow, and to increase our faith. Fasting 24 hours on Sunday was awesome. I challenge everyone to try it, but make sure you have a purpose to fast. It is very helpful and prayers really are answered. Monday was another great day and I got to go outside of the compound to exchange the last of my American money. On Tuesday we had Elder Wadell from the Quorum of the 70 in the South American area come and talk to us. He is serving till 2029. He had a really good message. It was about how the whole purpose of missionary work is to get people to enter the temple and baptism was not nearly as important. Obedience is key and to I have been trying really hard to follow the rules and be the best missionary as I possibly can be. He said as soon as you accepted your call from the 1st Presidency you made a covenant with the Lord to complete your mission. After the talk I was able to participate in two blessings and the spirit was extremely strong. On Wednesday nothing spectacular happened. The food is good but so many carbs, I just feel like I am going to pop. But it is awesome I am glad for everything.
Today is finally P-day, we went out shopping which is always a blast; we were able to wear street clothes because the temple was closed. Then we trekked to McDonalds and I got yogurt ha ha. It didn’t look good but I need to drop some lbs. After that I did all my laundry. I love to be able to do my laundry ha ha. Then I just started to pack my bags and get organized for the upcoming week.
The CCM is awesome; it is pretty much always cloudy and dirty. But I am starting to really enjoy the CCM and Peru. I could never live here but the people are so nice and such a pleasure to be around. The spirit is strong here. There are difficult times but I know that this is what I am supposed to be doing, and prayer is my strength. I know that this gospel is true from the bottom of my heart. It is such a blessing to have all the people in my district. I love to sit and talk with them about life. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and if you diligently seek in it for answers you will find them. I love listening to Prophets and they are inspired and speak from God. Just remember that I pray for each and every one of you every night.  You should just look for the chance to serve somebody and become stronger in the gospel.
I hope everyone back home is doing amazing and can’t wait to hear from everyone. I will fly out early Tuesday morning and will probably email you Monday night or when we get to Arequipa Tuesday. Pray and study I love you all so so much.
Elder Cooley

Dylan also mentioned the two talks below as incredible and suggested we look them up. 

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By: Elder Jeffery R. Holland  (Click for the link)

The Gospel and the Scientific View: How the Earth Came to Be 
By: F. Kent Nielsen  (Click for the link)

Ancient City

Jesus at Machu Piccu 
Bus Ride 

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