Monday, December 15, 2014

Casi Navidad :) (Almost Christmas)

Hola Familia,

Como estan, porque no hay nieve en Utah, Que es esto?
(How are things because there is no snow in Utah? What’s this?)

Well I am getting a new companion today, his name is Elder Holden and he is from Arizona. He has been out one more month then me and so it should be really awesome. I am the new District Leader of all the six missionaries in this area. I am very nervous to have such a big load, but I am excited to be able to work hard and help the missionaries here. I will be praying a ton to the Lord for help and guidance that is for sure.

How are you all doing this week? How has your Christmas season been? Well my week was really good and then really not good ha ha. We had an awesome P-day last week and then we came back and my companion was less then excited to work ha ha. But we had a good family home evening.

On Tuesday I went on divisions with the Zone Leaders and it was so fun to be able to work hard and feel the spirit without contention. Then I got to go to a gym in the morning to work out. I think with my new companion we will end up going to the gym in Aplao.

Then on Wednesday I came back to Aplao and we build a house thing or so ha ha. Then we met a new family that is good friends with Raul and Valerie. They are awesome but not completely ready to progress really fast.

I made Tortillas on Thursday they were so good. We made fajita taco things with them ha ha.

My Homemade Tortillas

Fajita taco things

On Friday I made homemade peanut butter. It is so good and healthy. Then we were supposed to have a yoga night at the capilla (chapel) but there was no power so we cancelled it. Then I went with another Elder and had a good night of working.

Homemade Mantequilla de Mani (Peanut Butter)

Saturday we cleaned the church and then had probably the best day of work in our entire change with Elder Pinedo.

We have been working with Ruben really carefully and he is starting to want to go on a mission. That would be so cool to bring him back to church and then see him go on a mission. Raul and Valerie might be getting married in January and that would be so cool because they just started coming back to the church. One night with them we were like their marriage counselors ha ha. But they are doing really good. Then we have two investigators with a date to be baptized one in December and one in January. I am excited for them and we just need to work very carefully with them.

Overall I am doing great I am excited to be with a new companion and hopefully we can work harder then ever and make this branch a lot stronger. I love being able to learn Spanish and how to be a better leader in my life. I have learned so much and plan on working harder and harder each day to reach my full potential. I love you all, enjoy this wonderful time of the year and remember then real reason of Christmas. Thanks so much for all the support and for everything that you are all doing.

I love you all,
Elder Cooley


1. Have you seen the video the church put out titled share the gift?
We are using it a ton and the mission is putting a lot of pressure on us to share the message. It is called El es la dadiva (He is the gift) here. English version Spanish version

2. What is your favorite Christmas song?
Favorite Christmas song is I’ll be Home for Christmas, literally with my cutout ha ha.

(Where's Dylan?? Come back next week to see where he turns up!)

Home for Christmas (It's a cutout ha ha)

3. Favorite scripture?
Hmm that is hard Mosiah 4:11 I think talks about humility.

4. How much weight have you lost?
I have lost about . . . I will not tell you guys ha ha.

5. When are you going to open your gifts?
I will open the gifts on Christmas morning ha ha.

6. Have you tried any of the Paneton bread yet? Was it bitter?  We tried an Italian version and it wasn’t very good.
I have tried it too many times ha ha. It is so sweet and it is really good.


7. What is the best thing you have eaten so far?
The best thing is Ricoto Relleno and Pastel de Papa.

Ricoto Relleno

8. What is something that is helping to keep you strong out there this Christmas season?
Just knowing the importance of sharing the message about our Savior’s birth to the people, and to remember my goals.

9. Are you doing anything special for you mission during the holiday season?
We have a multi-zone dinner talent show thing with the Mission President this Thursday.

10. Do you miss ice?  Don’t worry we still haven’t gotten any snow!
I miss ice but I have had it like 2 times I think ha ha. But oh, I love me some nice freezing cold showers ha ha.

11. Do you have a real toilet in your apartment? Do you have good toilet paper?

Yeah we have a real toilet but some days we don’t have water ha ha. And toilet paper is normal.

Watermelon anyone?
Eating Ducklets

Baby Duck
Ready to fish, my sweet purchase

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