Monday, December 29, 2014

Año Nuevo . . . Casi

Hola Familia,

Wow that was so much fun to see all of you this past week. That was the best thing that I could have asked for, for Christmas that is for sure. Wow this week has been crazy. We have traveled so much and so the missionary work has been a little slow. Thank you all so much for the packages, they were awesome and it was so much fun to open everything. I will be putting on some weight eating all the goodies ha ha.

This week was awesome, we had some amazing family home evenings and visiting families was a ton of fun. We made all the decorations for the activity one night and it was fun to do. Then we had the activity in the church and it was a ton of fun to be able to give the members something on Christmas Eve. We had so much Paneton and a ton of hot chocolate it was crazy. I was so sick of sugary things but it was Christmas so I had to eat it ha ha. That night we hung out that night with the other Elders in our district and celebrated an Elder's birthday that was on Christmas, which was awesome ha ha. We got to watch fireworks and do a ton of sweet stuff. Then we went back and just talked for a while. On Christmas we traveled to Pedregal and got to talk to all of you. That was awesome. After we went and ate turkey and had a really fun night with our Pensionista. It was just really laid back that was for sure. 

Turkey Dinner
Pensionista's Christmas Decorations
Pensionista's Family

Pensionista and her Husband

After we went home and I got to open all the goodies that I have been waiting to open for forever it was amazing. On Friday we went back to work ha ha. We got to give three more blessings to a family with chicken pox. So I think that I have had it so I shouldn’t get it ha ha. On Saturday we cleaned the Church and then did service for our Pensionista moving rocks for two hours. It was hard work but it was fun. Then we had some good lessons with a new family. Yesterday we went to Church and then went with Ruben to visit a member and then had a BBQ.


Overall the work is good. I wish that we could find more members and find people that could be baptized. But I know that the work that we are doing is good work but some days it is hard. Ruben is starting his papers for his mission this week and so that is awesome. I know that he wanted to go on a mission really bad. We had 83 people in Church Sunday. That is the most that has attended in my time here, which is sweet.

Christmas was very different but it was a cool experience to be able to visit and to help out families. I will be focusing on them more and hopefully we can get the Church to have 100 people attending each week. I have learned so much in my six months on the mission it is unreal. I love everyday and I work hard to never have regrets. Just keep working hard and be the best person that you can be. Make sure to keep doing your goals and definitely make new goals for the New Year.

I love you all so much and I hope that you all have a great rest of your break and that you all are working really hard. You all looked so great and I am so blessed to have you all in my life.

I love you all,
Elder Cooley


1. What did you think of the Christmas presents? (I can barely remember what we even sent you now!) ;)
I absolutely loved all the presents. They are all so amazing and I will be eating well that is for sure ha ha.


2. How was your Christmas dinner?
Christmas dinner was really good. It was fun to spend the evening with the family of my Pesionista.

Christmas Dinner

3. What was your favorite part of the Skype call?
Favorite part was just talking and just seeing you and hearing all of your voices that is for sure.

4. How did your Pensionista like her picture of Christ you gave her for Christmas?
She absolutely loved and she is going to putting it up in her living room.

5. Are you doing anything fun for New Years Eve?  Are there any traditions in Peru?
For New Years we don’t get to stay out late or anything like that, so it will just be a normal day ha ha.

6. What was your favorite Christmas present?
Favorite Christmas present that is way too hard ha ha. I have no idea that is for sure because I loved then all.

7. What did your companion get for Christmas?
He got a ton of food and stuff to draw and a bunch of other stuff. Then he got another package of more food ha ha.

8. Did you give out any of the extra Christmas presents we sent?  If yes, what was the response?
Yeah only a little bit and they always ask if it is from the States. They are just super excited ha ha.

9. What was your overall opinion of Christmas in Peru?
It was really different and definitely did not feel like Christmas, that is the truth. But it was fun to see a different culture.

10. Was it weird not being cold or having snow?
A little ha ha, but it was still cool. I do like that snow a lot more that is for sure.

11. Who is your favorite apostle currently?


Hanging out with Baseball Friends!

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