Monday, January 12, 2015

Cluck, Cluck, Cluck

Hola Familia,

Well this week has been crazy just like all the others. Wow we are already three weeks into the New Year, how fast does the time pass ha ha. It is awesome that I have a good companion and a good zone. The time just flies by and I don’t want it to ha ha.

Well this week in a bubble yeah. Monday after going to hang out with the other Elders and Hermanas we came back and I had left the keys inside the room. So luckily my companion was able to squeeze through this tiny window and we were able to get inside the room. Then we had an awesome family home evening with an investigator and a less active family. Then on Tuesday we did service all day moving rocks and dirt, and now we get to come back and they are going to cook us duck for our labors ha ha. Wednesday we had a Zone Conference. A lot was focused on District Leaders and what we need to do to help out our Zone. Then we went and bought Coke with evaporated milk for Ruben’s birthday. He is officially starting his papers this week, which is awesome. Then we went to find an investigator and they weren’t home so Elder Holden and I just talked on a rock for a while which was super relaxing. Thursday we went on divisions with the Zone Leaders and it was awesome. We had a great lesson with a family that is now planning on getting married and baptized in February, which will be super cool. Then we helped a Hermana sell her cheese to people in her little town ha ha. Friday we went and put a new coat of paint on the ceiling of the Pesionista of some other Elders. 


Then we had a fire and cooked S’mores and hot dogs for our mission night, which was super amazing. 

Mission Night

Hot Dogs

Saturday we got to butcher two gallinas (hens) that our Pensionista had. We ate one for lunch and she sold the other one ha ha, it was cool and tasted really good. 
Our Lunch

Chicken for lunch

Church is always good just stressful to get everyone to do their callings and bring people to church but it is so worth it.

Overall I am doing great and learning a ton on my mission. We have a lot of people to teach which is always nice. So these next weeks will be interesting to see if they will progress to be baptized. Overall the time is going by too fast and I wish it would slow down sometimes ha ha. I am learning to enjoy every second of the day that we get to have and to get the most out of every situation. I love you all and I hope that you all have an awesome week.

I love ya´ll,
Elder Cooley


1. What has been your favorite scripture this past week?

2. Have you learned anything new this past week?
Not to eat warm watermelon.

3. Where do you go to cook pancakes?
At members houses and just anywhere ha ha.

4. Do the markets have ingredients similar to the states?
The ingredients are sometimes similar but tons are way different.

5. Have you had any meals at member’s homes?
I have never eaten at a member’s house here ha ha.

6. Is church attendance in your branch getting any better?
Yeah attendance is climbing slowly ha ha.

7. Have you tried any new foods? If yes, what?
I have had chicken heart and cow heart.

8. Why were you moving rocks last week?
We needed to make a space to put a garden in.

9. Have you grown any taller in the last 6 months? If so, how much? lol
I have no idea, I will check on that.

Fake Snow
10. What did you think of the fake snow?

That it was awesome and like silly string ha ha.

Cow Heart Shish Kabobs

This week was crazy and so much happened. We got to kill chickens and the eat them for lunch. It was awesome and I want to have chickens when I am older to grow and then eat them because it was so good. We also ate cow heart shish kabobs which were really good as well. I love learning to cook and try new foods.
Cow Heart Shish Kabobs

Percy and his fighting chicken


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