Saturday, January 24, 2015

More to Come Next Week!

This week we did not receive a family email from Dylan for the blog.  I have pieced together other emails. 

Mondays are the best days that is for sure. Today we have the opportunity to go to Arequipa to buy some stuff and also to eat some good food for once ha ha. But the most important thing is writing all of my family. That is definitely the most important part of Mondays for me.

My Pensionista is the best. She is absolutely amazing and I just don’t want to have another one ha ha. My Pensionista has two kids. Only one lives with her right now and the other is studying in Arequipa. I have been cooking like crazy and it is awesome.

I try and write down everything that I learn and everything that I cook while I am on my mission. Actually today I am going to buy a journal to put all the recipes in.

I take pictures of absolutely everything and i have taken 16 GBS of pictures in about 6 months ha ha.

My Spanish is coming along slowly, I try and study everyday to get better. But I can pretty much understand everything that is being said. I do not like rice at all and soccer is pretty fun ha ha.


1. Favorite Scripture?
 Mosiah 15:7

2. Favorite Quote?
 Umm . . . Don’t let the day run you.

3. What is the biggest thing that is different culturally there?
 Just how life is so laid back and people just don’t care as much. The biggest culture shock has been just customs. I have never felt threatened.

4. Do the Peruvians take daily siestas?
 Yes and no, it is not as big as it is in other South American countries.

5. What are you daily tasks as a District Leader?
 Three times a week I call and get numbers from missionaries in my district.  I also teach a class once a week

6. How is the mission prep for Rueben coming along?
 It is coming along and he is starting to fill out his papers right now. I am excited to get Ruben on his mission and it will help his family so much with everything.

7. How often do you have a mission night?  Whose idea was it to have s'mores?
 We have mission nights every Friday.  I can’t remember whose idea it was ha ha.

8. Why did you butcher the chickens?  Was it only for lunch or did your Pensionista need to send them to market to sell?
 She had two so we killed one for lunch and then she has a store so she sold the other. The chickens were so good ha ha. They were way better than the store.

9. Did you have some of the Coke with evaporated milk?  What did it taste like?  Was it good?
 It was really good. It kind of tasted like a root beer float.

10. Do the people down there typically have shish kabobs or was that your idea?
Yeah it is really big down here, shish kabobs with chicken or cow heart. And cow heart is really good a little chewy but good.


Shack thing in Toro Muerto

Toro Muerto



Peach Cobbler

Mac and Cheese - Thanks!


Chocolate Chip Cookies


Baby Ducks

One Ugly Dog

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