Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cake, Cake, and More Cake! (Plus a duck)

Hola Family,

Well this week was awesome and I have to say the birthday was amazing ha ha. Well my companion has been sick for the majority of the week; so we spent a lot of time in our room. I did have the opportunity to read about 30 chapters in the Book of Mormon and just learned a ton. I advise everyone to read Alma 5 and tell me what you think; it is pretty amazing yet hard to read. Well on Tuesday we celebrated our Pensionista’s birthday and it was tremendous and we bought her some presents. She loved them and it was a really cool day for her. She hasn’t had a birthday party for many years so we made it really fun for her. 

Happy Birthday

Birthday Lunch

Presents we gave her

Then on Wednesday we had a Zone Conference and I got a cake there with the Zone. We got back really late and so we didn’t get much done that day. I went on divisions with another Elder and so we were able to teach some people that night.

Thursday was my birthday and it was awesome. My Pensionista made me a special breakfast and then we went to a planning meeting for the week. After planning, all six missionaries came up to my Pensionista’s house. We had the duck that I killed earlier that week and a cake that she made for me. Later we went to visit some people and an investigator bought me a huge piece of cake, it was great. Then we went back up and my Pensionista threw a surprise party for me in the night with another cake and she gave me some presents. It was the best birthday that I could think of. I am so grateful for her and all that she does for me.

Another cake

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Birthday Lunch

Lunch Surprise

Birthday Party



I made ├ęclairs by hand and they actually turned out pretty good. I was super pleased with them. Then I made a shortbread chocolate thing for a member, which turned out great as well. I also cooked pancakes ha ha. Then members love me to cook for them.

This week even with the little time that we had to work we were able to get baptismal dates for two investigators. So hopefully this month we have two baptisms. We just have to see how it goes. Overall I love how things are coming along. I was really stressed yesterday and then I realized that I need to enjoy the time I have left and continue to work hard.

Overall this week was awesome and I am so grateful for the nineteen years that I have been on the earth. I have learned a ton and work harder and harder each day to learn something new and to make the most of the life that God has given me. I hope that all of you can see the progress you have made in your life and are learning something new each and every day. Do the small and simple things and everything will fall into place.

I love you all and hope that you all have a great week and continue to love life.

Les Amo,
Elder Cooley


1. How was your birthday?
It was so awesome and a wonderful experience.

2. Did you get the birthday package?
I did not get the birthday package yet.
3. Why is lesson 3 your favorite missionary lesson to teach?
It just always gives people hope and gets them excited about baptism.

4. Why did you get cards from Hermana Olga’s daughter?
She gave us cards because we rescued her and brought her back to the church.

5. What is your favorite scripture this week?
2 Nephi 4:35

6. Have you done any service projects recently?
We have not because my companion was super sick with a stomach infection.

7. Do you have a recipe that you follow for the tortillas (if so you should send me a picture of it)?
I do but I just add a certain amount of stuff now ha ha. I am learning to cook without recipes ha ha.

8. Do you play soccer often?
We play soccer sometimes, but really not that much ha ha.

9. What do you typically eat in a day? For breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
For breakfast: eggs avocado, fruit, and BREAD everyday. We just have different combinations. For lunch: chicken, rice and potatoes in different forms ha ha. For dinner: Jello stuff, fruit and something small.


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