Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Finding the Will of the Lord

Hola Familia,

From the Currant Bush Article
Wow this week has been such a great week to learn and find the will of the Lord in my life.

Great articles about the will of the Lord:
Waiting upon the Lord: Will Be Done -Elder Robert D. Hales (Spanish version)
The Currant Bush -Elder Hugh B. Brown 

This week I was able to have one of the most powerful experiences that I have had in a while. So on Saturday and Sunday we fasted. We had some pretty specific things that we were fasting for, hoping that we could have some success. Well Saturday was a really slow day and very disappointing. We didn’t have too much success. It was a long hard day of work, just trying to find anyone that was home ha ha. Then we went to church on Sunday and nobody that we need to be there came to church. It was awful so we were just like well this fast was hard and we didn’t really see or understand the purpose. After coming home from church we ended our fast and then went to lunch. Then we got there and our Pensionista was crying and she and her husband had gotten into a fight and she was just so sad. We had a super spiritual talk with her and I gave one of the most sacred blessings that I have ever given. Later we were at another lesson and got a call that Valerie had run away and so we ended the lesson and went to see how Raul was doing. We just talked with him, listened to him and we also gave him a blessing (Priesthood Blessings) (Spanish version). Wow I haven’t felt the spirit so strong in a while. We learned that the Lord always provides a way and prepares us to be able to succeed in this life. Even thought we ended our fast we were spiritually prepared to handle these difficult situations. 

I had my first baptism interview this week also. It was so cool and also so spiritual. Like we taught her a little bit before the interview then we started the interview. The whole feeling was so serious and I could feel the help of God to ask her the questions and answer her questions and worries that she had before getting baptized. It was so awesome.

Overall this week was not too fruitful but the experiences that I had were amazing and I know that I need to learn something from every thing that happens to me.

I was able to cook a bunch this week ha ha. I made lemon bars, biscuits, pancakes, flan, tacos, hummus, which was awful, and peanut butter ha ha. I love cooking and learning new things.

Lemon Bars




I love all you guys for everything that you all do for me. I love reading the scriptures and hearing what you are all doing for me. I hope that each of you can find out something in this week to enjoy and to be a better person.

I love you all,
Elder Cooley


1. Favorite scripture?
Alma 7:15

2. What is your favorite thing about the culture of Peru?
Everyone is a lot more laid back and they just enjoy life more.

3. Which one of the cakes did you get smashed in your face? (It looked like the one that had two flags.) Why?

The one with the flag and also the white one in the night.

4. Do they eat a lot of seafood there?
Not really, just ceviche and crawdad.

5. What keeps you motivated?
The missionary work and the joy that I feel when I work my hardest are what keep me motivated.

6. Is your companion feeling better this week?
He is doing a lot better which is really nice.

7. Have you seen a monkey?
I have seen a couple monkeys; one was in the passenger seat of a car ha ha.

8. Do the farmers in Aplao have horses?
Some have horses but everyone just walks everywhere.

9. How do you sleep? Is it really hot while you are trying to sleep?
I sleep great and it is so hot that I sleep with a fan every night ha ha.

10. Are the bugs big there?
They are tiny and super annoying. It itches so badly when they bite you ha ha.

11. What is your favorite fruit to eat out there?
My favorite fruit is called Lucuma. It is only found in Peru and Chile.

12. What is the yummiest native food?
Either ricoto relleno or duck.

13. Do the Peruvians ride llamas?
They do in the outback ha ha but not in the city.

Birthday Again

Cake for me and another Sister


Coke and Milk

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