Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Emphasize Prayer

 Hola Familia,

Wow it has been so much fun here in Ilo

Ilo is awesome! So I am back in a Ward (Spanish version) and the members are so amazing.  I will start off by describing the new area.  So we are right on the beach and we live with our Pensionista, Hermana Victoria.  We live in a nice neighborhood and it is great to be back in civilization, but don’t get me wrong I do miss the good old country side of Aplao.  Being Zone Leader is wonderful but also really stressful.  I have never lacked so much sleep in my life ha ha.  But it is awesome and I am definitely getting a ton of help from my prayers; I know they are being answered.  My companion is fantastic, he loves music and we are getting along great.  Well I think that is a good description of the new area.  I just love it here already.

Well time for spiritual side.  So we have two people with dates to be baptized (Spanish version) during the month of May and they are progressing really well.  Then we have been able to really help a less active member and now he is coming back and getting ready to go on a mission. I love the work.

"We Never Walk Alone" (link) (Spanish link)
We had the coolest experience this past Sunday.  So we were tired and stressed out because we stayed up late every night and spent a ton of time to help missionaries in our Zone.  After church we were in Ward Council and we had a recent convert come up to us and say that she had a reference for us.  This friend of hers came to Church with her son and was literally ready to be baptized right then.  So we will be teaching her and she is going to be ready in May.  She wants her son to be like us and it was just such a cool experience that we had with her.

Well this week has been wonderful and I am learning something new every single day that I am on my mission.  I have really put an emphasis on my prayers (Spanish version) this week and I know that they have been answered.  This week we were able to watch Ephraim’s Rescue and 17 Miracles.  They were amazing and I suggest that each one of you guys go and watch them.

I love you all so much and have a great week.

Les Amo,
Elder Cooley

1. Favorite scripture?
This week it has to be 2 Corinthians 4:8-9 (Spanish version)

2. What were your thoughts about becoming a Zone Leader?
I was really nervous but excited and I did not feel totally prepared.

3. What are your responsibilities as Zone Leader?
Well the responsibilities of a Zone Leader are to help the missionaries with their physical needs on the mission, like with health and with money.  Basically to just make sure that the Zone is good and that everyone is working.

4. Where is your new apartment?
It is in Ilo ha ha.  I have no idea really.

5. What are your thoughts on your new area?
They are great.  The work is awesome and I love the people here so much.

6. How many buses did you have to take to make it from Aplao to Ilo?
I had to take two buses to get to Ilo.  It took about 9 hours of driving.

7. How do you say Ilo?
It is like Ilo . . . I don’t know (elo).

8. Is Ilo a rural or urban area?
It is an urban area and very touristy.

9. What is the branch like in Ilo that you are working with?
It is a ward and it has about 60 members that attend.  It is a lot more organized.

10. Will you be walking in this area or are you using bikes?
We will be walking.  There is not one missionary in the mission that uses bikes in the mission.

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