Monday, April 6, 2015

General Conference

The Lost Sheep?

Hola Familia,

How is every one doing?

This week has been pretty good nothing to special happened like last week ha ha. We were able to have another big family home evening with about 15 people on Monday. It turned out really well and everyone had a good time. I have really come to love family home evening (Spanish version). They are just so important to start your week out good. I know that God set apart this day to have an activity in the family. Even if it just a simple thing, as long as the family is being strengthened is the best part. Then we had some fun time painting Hermano Cesar’s house ha ha. Wow they paint so much. It is way different then how we paint in the states ha ha. It was interesting, maybe I am too much of a perfectionist but he was just getting paint all over the floorboards and he didn’t even care ha ha. It was fun and a good time to provide service to some members.

Then we were able to go to a city pretty far up in our area looking for a lady that we contacted. We were unable to find her but we talked to a ton of people and it was cool to bring the gospel to an area that probably never has had the Gospel or seen missionaries before ha ha. Then we came back and went to mission night in which we had a fire and cooked Smore’s and it was awesome. We had about 20 people which is more then we usually have. Then we were in Corire for the next two days.

We came down to Corire to have the mission night and then we just stayed with the other Elders for Saturday and Sunday because of General Conference (Spanish version). We made breakfast and lunch and just watched Conference together. We were only able to get the Conference in Spanish so we watched it in Spanish ha ha. On Sunday we had quite a bit of people attend. We planned and made lunch for all the people that live far away from then church. It was really stressful because we had to make sure that everything was all right and that everything worked. But everything turned out really well.

General Conference Breakfast


Chicken Teriyaki

 After talking with Hermana Olga for a while we found out that her and her family are planning on going to the Temple (Spanish version) in August and that is awesome. They will get sealed together and it will be so cool.

Overall everything is going great and I am so excited to be out here doing the work. I love everyone and am so happy to be serving the Lord for these two short years.

I love you all and follow the council of our Prophets (Spanish version).
-Elder Cooley

1. Favorite Scripture?

2. Did you watch General Conference in Spanish or English?
We watched it all in Spanish.

3. What was your favorite General Conference talk?
It had to be the talk by Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf on Sunday morning.

4. What lessons did you learn during General Conference?
That we need to prepare for the Second Coming (Spanish version), that we need to open our perspective and be better disciples of Jesus Christ.

5. How many people showed up to watch General Conference at the Church?
Well on Saturday only like five people showed up to each session.  On Sunday morning we had about 62 people and only like 10 people showed up to the afternoon session ha ha.

6. Were any people injured from the flooding in your area?
There were no injuries in our area.

7. What is the aftermath of the flooding (roads closed, buildings damaged, fields ruined, etc.)
There were just like some roads closed and just no water and light in the area outside of Aplao.

8. Why were you in the Emergency Room?
We went to go with a member while he got a IV drip.

9. Did you know that there was a person sitting behind the Ongoro sign when you took a picture (you can see his head)?
Ha ha.  After I took the picture I noticed him and then we just bounced ha ha.

10. If you get a chance will you ask members what I could do to make the blog easier for them to understand? (Would they like it if I took out the highlights and had a person translate them?)  I want to make sure that they are able to get an opportunity to read and enjoy the blog.  I have been linking in as many English and Spanish articles and topics as I can so hopefully that helps.

I did not get the chance to ask members, I will try this week.

Chocolate Pie



Elder Montoya

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