Saturday, April 18, 2015


Hola Familia,

Salt Lake Temple
Wow this week has been absolutely insane ha ha.  We traveled so much it is just crazy.  On Monday night we had a sweet Family Home Evening with our Pensionista and it was really fun.  Then on Tuesday we had a good days work.  We walked about 1 hour to visit with Luisa, a member.  Her daughter and her are doing a lot better since we have been visiting them.  Then on Wednesday we had a party for our Pensionista's son Dayron.  He turned 9 and so we helped them with the party.  It was awesome to celebrate his party with him.  Then our week just got crazy ha ha.  On Thursday we traveled two and a half hours to a conference then two and a half more hours back to Aplao.  After we went and got stuff to stay the night and traveled another hour and a half to be with the rest of the Zone.  Early Friday morning we traveled to Arequipa for a conference with the Mission President, it was awesome.  It was a bunch of fun and it was great to see everyone again from my group.  Then we went back to Aplao that night.  We traveled about 12 hours in two days, which was crazy.  But it was good.

This week we had a bunch of members come to Church, which was awesome.  It is amazing to see the people we are teaching come to Church and to see the and to see the blessings that they will receive.  But overall it has been remarkable.  We had a recent convert's husband come to Church and so we will start to teach him.  Hopefully he can take the steps to be baptized.  He talked to us the other day and said that he would like to stop the bad life that he is living and come to Church with his whole family.

This week was Fast Sunday, which was tremendous.  We were able to do many things, which helped a bunch of people.  Fast Sunday is when we can really focus on why we are fasting.  We will see the blessings and the work of Christ in the people that we are teaching.

This week I have been thinking a ton about my Mission and the things that I have done and what I need to do better.  Sometimes in life we get into routines (Spanish version) and we are not doing things because we want to but because it is a habit.  I refocused my mentality and I am ready to work harder and harder.  I just need to love these people and help them obtain Salvation (Spanish version) and bring them unto Christ.  I just need to try and be like Jesus and love the people.

Well overall this week I am doing great and everything has been going well.  My Companion and I have been doing remarkable.  We just keep working harder every single day.  I love being able to enjoy everyday and to work hard.  I love the Mission work and just going to work for these people.  

I love you all and I hope that you all have a great week.

Les Amo,
Elder Cooley


1. Favorite scripture?
The parable of the mustard seed in Matthew(Spanish version)

2. What was an awe-inspiring moment that you had recently?
Inspiring moment had to have been just realizing how short this life is and how much happiness (Spanish version) we can obtain in this life.

3. Do you know if anybody down there streams Music and the Spoken Word through the internet?
I don’t think that anybody even knows about Music and the Spoken Word.

4. Why did you make the chocolate pie?
A member wanted to know how to make it.

5. Who is Wakin?

6. Did you make breakfast for the members that traveled to watch General Conference or only lunch?
We only made lunch for the members and the breakfast was for us.

7. Why are you holding a lamb (that was a great picture by the way)?
Ha ha we went to a members house and they wanted help rounding up their lambs and cows so we help them and then I took the opportunity to take a sweet picture.

8. How do you choose topics for Family Home Evenings that you run?
Just what comes to my mind and what I think that the family needs to hear.

9. Did you understand General Conference in Spanish?
Yeah I understood it pretty well.

10. Did the flooding impact deliveries or other access to your area at all?
Only in a couple parts of our area were affected bad but overall everything is better. 

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