Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New Area & New Responsibilities

Hola Familia,

Well I am officially out of the valley.  I have been transferred to Ilo.  I am living right on the ocean and it is amazing.  I am also the Zone Leader in the new area.  I have 8 companionships in my zone and it is awesome.  My new companion is Elder Cornejo from Chile and he is sweet. 

Ilo - link
I am ready and a little nervous to be the Zone Leader over so many missionaries but I will be praying like crazy.  I traveled about 9 hours to get to Ilo yesterday and it was a great trip.  I had a ton of time to think about my Mission and it was really good to review what I have done during my time in Aplao.  The bus ride was super boring and I just read, slept, or thought.  I am super excited to be here in Ilo and to be a Zone Leader.

Ilo -link

This past week has been awesome.  It was hard leaving all the amazing people and members that I became so close to in Aplao.  On Sunday night we had a going away party for me and it was a ton of fun.  I had a bunch of the members that I brought back to the Church come and thank me for everything I did to help them.  It was super cool and just amazing.  Hermana Olga was really sad and didn’t want me to go.  She is awesome and I can’t wait to visit her with all of you guys.

Well overall I am so excited, I don’t know why but I feel so ready.  I will have a lot more responsibilities but it will be really good.  This week I have learned that we need to plan and use our time wisely.  We should not just do things fast so that we can say that we have done something.  We can all do something but if we don’t have a purpose we like a chicken running around with it’s head cut off.  When we can visualize the final goal we can achieve that goal and achieve it faster then we would have thought.

That is my little thought for the week.  Sorry I don’t know if the computers here are clean so I will be sending a bunch of pictures this up coming week.

I love you all and I hope that you all can have a great week and keep seeing the tender mercies of the Lord (Spanish version) in your lives.

I love you all,
Elder Cooley

1. Favorite scripture?

2. What have you been doing on your P-days?
We have been playing soccer and we went to an awesome resort with the Zone last week.

3. Have you tried any new foods lately?
Umm, I have not tried any new foods.
Lima Peru Temple

4. Have you seen any new animals?
I saw a falcon this past week.

5. If people travel to the temple in Lima (Spanish version), do they take buses or do they fly?
They usually take a bus because it is a lot cheaper.

6. Do the people eat a lot of fish there?  Do the natives eat ceviche?
They do eat a lot of fish.  Well now I am in Ilo so I could imagine that I will be eating more fish now.

7. Have you bought a hat yet?
I have not bought a hat yet ha ha.

8. Where is the closest hospital?  
The closest good hospital is in Arequipa.

9. Is there population in Aplao?  How does it compare to Lima?
The population of Aplao is like 5,000 maybe.  Compared to Lima it is super small.

10.  Have you used your multi-tool yet?
I have used it a ton and it is very useful.

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