Wednesday, January 27, 2016

"Zombie Apocalypse"

Hola Familia,

Well this week has been really cool and I am so happy with how everything is going.  I have come to realize how weak I am, and how much I still have to learn to be a better person.  I love this gospel because it makes me want to become better and to be the person that will help me gain salvation.  I love it.  I love being able to repent of my mistakes and know that I can be a clean and inspired person.  This week I have set goals to personally have more humility and love people more like Christ would. 

We had super cool family home evening this past week.  We talked about the atonement and how each person could apply it to their life.  I love knowing that each of us can use it to be better. 

Funny story:
On Tuesday we were on divisions and I was with an Elder from Utah and we were walking around and this drunk person started coming towards us and he was coming in hot haha.  So we started walking faster and faster.  The other Elder has this dog buzzer, like mine, but his has this alien sound thing so he turned around and started to point it at the drunk guy.  It just make him come faster and faster haha.  I felt like I was in a zombie apocalypse movie. (FYI: food storage - Spanish haha) It was quite intense haha.  I am so glad that he was so drunk that he couldn’t catch up to us.

Well our investigator Gunar is doing great.  He has so many questions that have made me study this gospel more profoundly.  I think that it is the best to have a question and look in the scriptures to find your answer.  I think that everything will go well with him.  I know that he will be a true convert when he gets baptized because he really wants to figure out the truth.

Wednesday was a hard day.  We had so many lessons planned that we were unable to get to all of them so in the end we fell through on some lessons.  I felt so bad, because these people were waiting for us.  It was so weird how fast the spirit can leave when you get frustrated.  It was sad that my companion and I got mad at each other but then we talked and everything was all right.  I learned a huge lesson that planning (Spanish version) is essential to make sure that everything goes how it should.  When two people are mad, you have to talk and figure it out on the spot or it will be terrible for a long time.

Timing is everything.  On Friday we were out looking for people in the morning and nobody was home so went to a lesson with Jenny.  We started to talk to her in her door and she was just so busy and frustrated with everything that was happening that she didn’t want to talk.  I asked for like 5 minutes to distract her from everything.  So she let us in and we just talked and shared a scripture.  It was so cool to see that this gospel can bring instant joy in our lives and let us forget the world.  It struck me and I know of its truth. "If ye lack wisdom" - (Spanish version)

So life is going super well and I am so grateful for everything.  I always think of new things that I can do and how I can be better.  I am so glad that we are members of this amazing church.  It truly brings the joy (Spanish version) that we need in our lives.

I love you all so much,

Elder Cooley

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