Wednesday, September 3, 2014

No Burgers For Me!!!

Hola Familia,

Well this week was not too interesting ha ha. I will explain. So last Sunday we went to the Bishop’s house and had a huge meal. It was delicious but we ate way too much food. So on Monday my companion ate a burger from the streets. That night he was throwing up like crazy and way sick. This entire week we have been in the room ha ha. I think he got sick from the street food. I only buy fruit from the street and nothing else I don’t want to get a bug ha ha. It has felt like I was in prison being stuck in the apartment with my sick companion. We only went out a couple times to talk with people. He has still not gotten much better but we were able to go out and proselyte. I hate just sitting in the room but I guess that it is a blessing. I was able to work on my scriptures and read a ton. I started reading Jesus the Christ it is so fascinating. I love reading it. It is thick doctrine though, side note it was written in the Holy of Holies (Scripture Guide - Holy of Holies). You can learn so much about the gospel and life from the scriptures it is amazing.

I went on exchanges a couple times with a Latino. It was fun to be able to talk more Spanish and learn from him. On Friday Elder Neil L. Anderson (Elder Andersen Profile) came to our mission and talked to all the missionaries. It was awesome and his message was unreal.

On Saturday we went with the Zone Leaders to a members house to cook tacos for them. I cooked with an Elder from Mexico. The food was so delicious. We made everything from scratch, one of the better meals here. Each Sunday we go to a member’s house and they cook for us. A great dish and very traditional to Arequipa is Rocoto Relleno (Rocoto Relleno Recipe). It is so good. I am so sick of rice and bread ha ha. I can’t eat any more. The diet here is straight carbs and starch. But the food is good.

My companion and I workout each morning and I need to with all the fattening food. One day on the bus we saw this mini monkey that someone had as a pet ha ha.

Yesterday we were walking back from a far away part in our area and I saw one of our investigators that we haven’t been able to talk to for awhile. We were going to walk away but I said to turn back. We did and were able to teach him a lesson, and set up another lesson. I just love all the coincidences that happen on the mission. 


 Elder Cooley


-Have you had any weird food to eat so far? Such as hamster, ostrich, brains (zombies!!!) ha ha ha.
            The weirdest thing that I know I have eaten is liver ha ha. It was so salty other than that I don’t know of anything else.

-What is your favorite scripture this week?
            Favorite scripture this week was probably 2 Nephi 4:35. 

-What is a lesson that you have learned while being out there so far?
            I have learned to live your life to be happy, monetary items are not that important.

-How are you doing physically and emotionally?
            Physically I am doing well and emotionally doing well also.

-How are you working out?  
            I do about 150-200 pushups each morning and jump rope a ton. I watch what I eat and buy a ton of bananas.

-Have you taught any lessons yet?
           I have taught a couple lessons and try to teach as much as a can. Also I gave my companion a blessing.

I recommend listening to the following song about the Prophet Joseph Smith. You Tube Link for Mobile Devices

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