Monday, September 29, 2014

Keep the Faith and Trust in God Evermore

Hola Familia,

Well this week has been great. I cannot believe that it has already been 3 months. They have absolutely flown by; gosh I never thought it would go by this fast.

Well I will start by telling you about my new companion.
Dedicating graves (blurry)
His name is Elder Vargas he is 23 years old and from Panama. He is about a foot or more shorter than me and we get along very well. He has a different way to work and it has been really effective. Our area has been really hard and we are working with the members to find investigators. We both have the same view on missionary work. So it is way nice to be able to work a ton and not have to push him around. 

My Spanish is coming along because that is all I speak and listen to ha ha. I am able to understand pretty much the entire conversation and say what I want to say.

Peeling Onions
This week we have five more investigators. We have been doing a lot of service to become closer to the members and investigators. We peeled onions for about an hour to help an investigator prep them to sell at the market. It was really cool but so tedious. I like doing service it really helps with the work.

This week I was able to cook a breakfast with something other than bread. We had eggs and tomatoes. I have grown to love tomatoes and avocados. It is weird but they are so good. I am getting really bored with bread, rice, and potatoes for every single meal ha ha. But I’m finding ways to change it up.

We found a family that is incredibly poor but they really like the gospel. The mom, Isadora, can’t read in Spanish only Quechuan (Language of the Incans). I also taught her son some English, which was really cool.
We have an older man that is nervous about getting baptized. But he should be baptized sometime in the upcoming weeks.
Then we found another family and they are great. They have questions about the gospel, which is good.
The last family is great and we had an awesome lesson with them last night. They are all very receptive but we need to get them understand the saving ordinance of baptism.

We try to have family home evenings with all the families. It is awesome. I really like family home evenings. I know that is strengthens family and helps bring them together.

The hardest thing so far on the Mission is when people don’t see the importance of this life that we live. It is so short but so incredibly important for our salvation.

Overall this week has been pretty hectic and we have gotten a ton of work done. I know that even though I have not had any baptisms they will come, it is hard but I know that.

Thanks you so much for all your support and for everything that you all do. Keep the faith and trust in god ever more.

I love you all,
Elder Cooley


1. Did you eat the jello?
Yes I did and it was delicious ha ha. (Hopefully he doesn’t get a parasite!)

2. Apartment address??? 
Our apartment address is Avenue Berlin 713 Hunter Jacobo D Hunter Arequipa i believe. (Map) (Take a look at the street view!)

3. Favorite general authority?
Favorite general authority is definitely Elder Holland. (Bio

4. What has been the most memorable scripture for you while you have been out so far?
Probably 3 Nephi 13:8 

5. Have you been spit on by a llama or seen someone spit on by a llama?
I have not been spit on by a llama yet and hopefully never will be ha ha.

6. Have you been chased by wild dogs yet?
I have been chased by dogs on multiple occasions. All you have to do is grab a rock and they usually run away.

7. What is your favorite Peruvian food so far?
Favorite food so far is Ricoto Relleno and Queso helado.

8. Have you eaten a guinea pig yet (otherwise known as cuy)?
I have not eaten cuy so far. Pretty much everyone has a pen of cuy that they eat ha ha.

9. What do you miss most about the States in general?
I miss the cleanliness and just the grocery stores. You can buy anything in the States so easily.

10. Have you gained any more weight?
I have not gained weight I have been losing weight actually.

11.  How is the moral out there?
The moral out here is pretty positive usually. It is nice because we always have sun.

12. Are you getting along with your Latino companion?
My Latino companion and I get along awesome. We both like the same things and talking is hard but we can do it.

Peeling Onions (2nd picture)


"Cocaine for sale"

Toilet ?!?

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