Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Warmer Weather

Hola Familia,

¿Como Estan?  This week has been awesome and I love all that is happening and the mission so much.  Overall everything is going great.  This week we were able to have a sweet lesson with a new investigator.  It was so cool to get to know her and see her desire to learn more.  In the first lesson that we had with her she was a little nervous.  But she asked some really deep questions that were awesome.  The prayer that she said at the end of the lesson was incredible.  I loved it.  She really was talking with God and nobody else.  It was like a conversation that she had with him.  It is so cool to meet everyone here in Ilo and help them out.

This week we went to Arequipa for a conference and interviews with president.  It was great; we left at 5:30 in the morning.  When we got there we worked on family history and then did some other things and then back to Ilo we went.  We got back at like 10 that night.

This week we went and had a Ward activity movie night.  We were watching “Meet the Mormons”.  It is a great movie.  It reminded me why I need to be out here and all the sacrifices that people make to know God a little bit more. 

Overall nothing too exciting happened this week.  I have been working on studying the doctrine of the Church.  Every single principal that we follow has doctrinal background.  I love studying and knowing that I am in the true Church.  Due to the things that I have studied about, I know that everything has an answer.  I know because I asked God and I continually talk to him to renew my testimony of these things.  I love the scriptures.  I invite you guys to read the scriptures and understand the things about this gospel.

I have really seen that people become less active because they do not understand the gospel and don’t know these simple principals.  If everyone knew these things then they would work so hard to be the best member that they could be.

I love all of you guys and thank you so much for everything that you do for me and all the help that you have given for me.  Keep up the great work and thanks.

Les amo,

Elder Cooley


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